10 Ways the Alberta Party has your back

Albertans are suffering. The economic downturn, job losses, uncertainty in getting our products to market, ideological extremism, taxes and debt are all taking their toll on regular people.

That’s why the Alberta Party has a plan to make life better for Albertans – and not just the 1%, we’re talking about everyday working folks who need help and leadership to get our province out of its current quagmire.

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“Where do you stand on energy policy?”

Last Wednesday Calgary-West resident Deidra Garyk reached out to me and asked a number of excellent questions regarding my stance on energy policy.

With her permission, I am re-publishing that email exchange here so all Calgary-West voters know my position on our most important industry.


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What about those GSAs anyway?

I love it when constituents ask direct questions about their heartfelt concerns.

In this case, a very nice lady named Ann from the Calgary-West riding reached out and asked: “What are your perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues such as GSAs?”

You see Ann is worried that the NDP are creating a non-business-friendly environment and that the UCP would actively work to curtail peoples’ rights and freedoms.

I’m worried too, Ann. That’s why I’m running for the Alberta Party – business and rights can easily co-exist. on your side.

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