No Albertan wakes up and thinks “I should wreck this natural paradise and deprive my grandchildren.”

Everyone wants to get better and better at making our beautiful province, and the rest of the world, as clean and sustainable as possible.

It’s also true that no one wants to give up their shoes, belt, air travel, iPhone, laptop, social media or home heating.

Everything humans do has impact on the environment, that’s inevitable, but I have every confidence that minimizing that impact while still funding our way of life through ingenuity, technology and innovation is possible.

We are all in this together.

Albertans have already made huge progress in reducing GHGs and the carbon footprint of our oil and gas industry. We are already investing in renewables and alternative energy sources. Water use is being minimized, tailings ponds eliminated, land and species reclaimed and revived.

We can and should do more. That will mean rallying industry to build momentum to keep our products marketable. It also means looking at the big drivers of GHGs – transport, fleets, big machinery. And yes, you and me as consumers and citizens.

Throughout this province’s history, Albertans have learned to feed and energize the world, create opportunities, wealth, and jobs for have-not provinces, and showcase the pristine beauty of our natural environment.

I say we innovate our way to a cleaner and more prosperous future.