As the candidate for the Alberta Party in Calgary-West, Frank offered to bring his knowledge of finance, business, governance, and wellness to the legislature on behalf of Albertans in the election of April 16, 2019. Thanks to the ~1,600 people who voted for him. Frank remains willing to assist where ever and whenever he may be of service.



We need to create a diversified economic environment in Alberta that creates jobs and encourages businesses and entrepreneurship.


Together with our health services professionals let’s advocate for more front-line decisions and less waste.


We all care about our environment. Let’s be practical stewards of our environment for our families and for the future of our province.

 A Message From Frank

My name is Frank Penkala and I was the official Alberta Party candidate in Calgary-West for the April 16, 2019 election. It would have been an honour to serve as your MLA in the next legislature.

Being an MLA is about representing you. It is not about personal attacks, wasteful spending, or lack of respect for others. It is about good jobs for our community, accessible healthcare, and a clean environment.

True conservatives find a way to pay their bills. Despite all the hand-wringing denials, there is tremendous waste in the system that can be culled. My approach to solving Alberta’s challenges is to apply systems design methods to analyse failure points, and from there learn how to make the work “work”. Eliminating repetitive failure points cuts costs, makes for more productive employees and certainly for much happier clients / end-users. These aren’t my ideas, but concepts developed by Deming, Toyota, and Seddon, and being proven now in public service administrations in other parts of the world.

Frank Is

Financially Conservative • Socially Moderate • Environmentally Concerned

Frank is someone who has a keen sense of his own personal mortality and a conviction to give back to his community with every living breath that he has . He is a committed individual who on a daily basis acts as a servant as he goes through his professional life and now he’s taking the very biggest step of that servant personality and has committed now to contribute to the growth of our community .

Calgary could not ask for a better person to represent the growth of our community as a result of having a quality candidate prepared to introduce himself to the political vulnerabilities to yet to be exposed to the slings and arrows of political life so that he can do his part to grow our country and our community .

Thank you Frank for being all in and I for one will contribute to this noble cause in anyway I can to support you on this path

Terry Nelson Browning